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is designed to give you a lift, remind you of how very Valuable you ARE, and direct you to an ever grateful resting spot where SMILES abound.

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Looking for a thoughtful, energetic speaker to come talk to your group?

Susan Kay Dahl is a Lord-Loving, Bible-Believing Spark of JOY.

Through rapid-fire, humorous visuals, analogies, riveting stories,¬†random songs and Scriptures you’ll be entertained, inspired and equipped to¬†wake up smiling and refreshed, every morning, ready for anything.

Through her writing, (The1147Project.com), speaking and teaching, Susan Kay shares how her own upbringing–with six sisters, two brothers and parents who modeled compassion and forgiveness–has given her creative and sometimes dramatic solutions that help everyone in her path. You will be glad you could bring such a silly, sparkling, Soul of JOY to encourage and engage your “people”.


Poetry. Stories. The voices, the Travel…
So many talents the LORD will unravel.

JOY is my stronghold… my Tower, my shield –
It is my weapon… my SMILE revealed.

Joyful and cheerful; an energy BURST
Cartwheels … the action: there’s nothing rehearsed.

Flexible. Helpful. A positive mind
YES! I am willing… I hope you don’t mind!

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